Wildo Spork

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Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the Wildo Spork is the hybrid utensil where you get all your cutlery in one and still have a good grip. Sip your soup, hook your food, just turn 90° and cut with your knife. It’s lightweight and durable and all you need for a light meal in the outdoors.

This Spork has a comfortable ergonomic grip thanks to the slightly curved handle and moulded recess. Unlike many plastic Sporks, the Wildo® Spork does not feel like it will break at any moment and has a slightly textured finish to aid grip and dexterity.

The clever design includes the obvious Spoon, knife and fork features as well as a hole to hang on a hook or carabiner. BPA Free and Dishwasher safe, this little Spork is ideal for camping, military users or teaching a toddler the wonders of eating with cutlery!

  • Robust food-grade PA6 BPA free plastic,
  • Dishwasher safe,
  • Textured finish for improved grip,
  • Strong & flexible design for long service life and minimal environmental impact,
  • Ultra light-weight at only 10g,
  • Easy to clean design for field hygiene, 
  • Larger than most sporks, fits well in the hand and delivers a superior grip,
  • Designed & manufactured in Sweden