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Velox Stainless-Steel Broadhead

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The Velox™ Stainless-Steel Ballistic 3-Blade Archery Broadheads provides you with our fixed-blade broadhead, carefully designed, incorporating an integral locking system of broadhead components fused together, using hardened steel at critical points, for enhanced impact strength. Broadheads are made of stainless-steel and have a hardened carbon chisel point. The razor-sharp stainless-steel blades are .032” thick and lock with the threaded ferrule, providing a devastating 1.125” cutting diameter.


Product Features

  • Designed using fixed blades with an integrated, threaded ferrule locking system
  • Blades lock with the threaded ferrule and provide a devastating 1.125” cutting diameter
  • Broadheads are made of stainless steel, have a hardened carbon chisel point, and are .032” thick
  • Hardened Carbon Steel Tip
  • Blade Over Shaft Design


Product Number: #14690