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Tippet Micro Rings 2.0mm

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Tying tippet and leaders through the stainless ring allows you to change or add tippet quickly as often as you wish without shortening the leader. Stop wasting away at your leader by using a tippet ring. Tie a ring onto your leader and attach your tippet to it then tie a dropper to the tippet ring for a hopper dropper combination leader. Light enough to float so you can use them with dry flies.


  • Micro 2.00 mm rings
  • Easy to tie on leaders
  • Snap hook keeper
  • Saves on tippet

  • 10 per package
  • Directions:
    Tie leader to tippet ring while on the ring keeper, then remove leader and ring, tie desired tippet to ring and leader once off the ring keeper.