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The Lockdown® Puck™ - Smart Security Monitoring

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The Lockdown® Puck™ is a state-of-the-art monitoring and security device that provides true peace-of-mind with real-time notifications and control using the free Lockdown Logic™ App. Put it in your vault to track temperature and humidity, movement, or when the door is opened all from the palm of your hand. With fully customizable setting you choose how often and who receives notifications. From protecting guns and ammo to your family heirlooms, you can trust the Lockdown Puck to keep your valuables safe and secure.

The Puck is Wi-Fi based and does require a strong connection. In some instances a Wi-Fi extender may be needed and is not included.


This product works with our FREE Lockdown Logic App. Logic allows you full customization of your product all from the palm of your hand. Use the app to not only set your preferences and contacts but also trigger actions in other Lockdown Logic products. Best of all the app is free and there are no monthly subscription costs. Pair all of our smart products with one convenient and easy to use app.



Golden Bullseye Award Technology of the Year



  • 1 PUCK™ Unit
  • 1 Nine-foot Micro USB power cord
  • 1 Magnetic door sensor
  • 1 Mounting bracket and hardware
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 SECURED lifestyle

What is LOGIC Enabled™?

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Using the Lockdown Logic™ App you can:

    • Automate your security with customized actions
    • Monitor activity around your valuables and be notified of issues
    • Control your Lockdown® Smart devices right from your phone
  • Have complete confidence that your valuables are secure and safe

Let the Lockdown Puck™ SECURE your lifestyle.