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Surface Seducer® Howitzer™ Baitfish Popper Heads

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Tie articulated baitfish poppers to offer predatory fish a vulnerable easy meal.

Design by Martin Bawden.

The Howitzer is a next-generation soft foam popper head that provides new options for tying articulated baitfish poppers.

The Howitzer imitates the head of a small minnow (or baitfish) that is splashing and sipping at the surface of the water. It's designed with a deep recess at the back of the head so that an articulated body and tail of a minnow can be embedded seamlessly into the back of the headAs a result, the body of the minnow hangs down in the water (roughly at a 45-degree angle) and moves enticingly in a position that can be seen by predatory fish from a long distance and offers them an irresistible profile and an easy opportunity for a meal!

Combine the Howitzer with Surface Seducer® Dragon Eyes™, Surface Seducer® Popper Hooks, and the Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank family to tie a variety of articulated foam flies.

Quantity per pack: Medium (8); Large (6).




Seamless connection for fly bodies
A recess in the back of the head allows an articulated minnow body and tail to be embedded, creating a smooth transition from head to body.

Smooth, strong popper skin
Clear coat it, paint it, or keep it simple and fish it as is.

Deep cup & extended top lip
Effortlessly trigger loud and aggressive pops... And strikes! Boom!

Recessed eye sockets
3D fly tying eyes, such as Surface Seducer® Dragon Eyes™ and Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™, can be securely embedded deep inside the popper head, making for a stronger and more durable fly!

Recess for body
A recess in the back of the head allows an articulated minnow body and tail (created using one or more articulated shanks) to be joined and embedded seamlessly.

Light and easy to cast
The ultra-lightweight foam keeps weight to a minimum making your flies easier to cast.

Two available sizes allow for a wide range of fishing applications
• Medium: Great all-round size for tying general-purpose poppers to target species such as bass or seatrout.

• Large: Caters to tying larger big-game poppers for species such as pike, musky, peacock bass, golden dorado, barracuda, and other large predatory species.

Bright, vibrant colors
Available in White and Yellow Chartreuse to cover most baitfish colors.