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Special Delivery Plus Series - Weight Forward Floating Line

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The new Special Delivery Plus lines are manufactured with our proprietary microspheres that enable noticeably higher floating lines even in choppy or fast water. HFT (High Float Technology) additives in the coating for the latest friction-reducing technology allows easy line pick up for maximum casting efficiency. The SDP fly lines are higher floating, creating minimal surface contact that significantly reduces drag caused by water resistance. High-tech laser ID markings easily identify each fly line and Micro-slim welded loops are strong and durable yet supple for easy turnover. Dual-color lines easily identify the head to running line taper for fast control and distance accuracy. Custom-designed tapers with a low stretch core allow effortless smooth casts.  Available in line weights 4 through 8.


  • Unique dual-color zone from the head through the running line
  • Ultra supple, low memory design with an extra slick coating to reduce friction
  • Hyper-Float Technology (HFT) allows the line to float in fast or choppy water
  • Individually designed tapers for each line weight to maximize casting accuracy and presentation
  • Micro welded loops for quick and secure connections
  • Laser ID Line System Identification
  • Low-stretch supple yet durable core material for enhanced line control