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Sparkle Pseudo Hackle 1 1/2"

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Sparkle Pseudo Hackle is easy to use.

This product has cross fibers that need to be removed prior to tying in. These cross fibers create a wave or sparkle in the trilobal fibers during heat treatment in the production stage.

Each package contains instructions, which are also available as a text and pictures below. First cut your desired length for your fly pattern and trim one edge. If you want a taper when you wind, you will want to cut it at this time. Cut in about 1 cm against the lower edge. This will give you a tie in stem and help you grip it firmly as you tease out the cross fibers.

Remove the fibers from your 1 cm cut to expose the cross fibers. You will want to do this on both ends. Tease away a few of the cross fibers at a time until you are left with the stem and sparkle fibers. The last few cross fibers can be removed with the help of your dubbing needle. Once all cross fibers are removed you can tie it in and wind away.

Package contains about 3,6 meters (4 yards) of hackle.