Eagle Claw

Soft Bait Treble Hook With Spring

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If you’re an angler who loves fishing with dough baits for catfish or trout, this is the hook for you. This treble hook features curved points, 2x strength, and a spring around the shank to keep your dough bait in place around the hook. Quit casting off bait and spend more time catching fish.

  • American Made - engineered, tested, and manufactured in our production facility in Denver, Colorado.
  • Forged points offer anglers durable sharpness they can rely on.
  • Curved points are great for fishing around structure and cover without dulling the hook point. Bait fishing with curve point hooks offers a more natural shape to mold bait around
Package Quantity 3
Species Catfish, Trout
Water Type Freshwater
Finish/Plating Bronze
Hook Type Treble with Spring
Offset Non-Offset
Barb Barbed
Shape of Bend Standard
Gap Standard
Hook Point Forged
Point Style Curved
Eye Configuration Treble Eye
Slices No Slices
Keeper Spring
Forged Shank No
Wire 2X Strong
Weedless No