Small Plastic Gold Pan

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Nothing beats the feeling of finding your first few flakes of gold! Our Plastic Gold Pans are constructed from a heavy-duty, high impact plastic that’s both durable and lightweight, making them perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. Measuring in at 10.25”, it's the perfect size to pack away in your gold panning kit! Gold panning is a soothing experience, with you, a running stream, and all of nature's beauty around you. So whether you do it for a hobby, are hoping to strike it rich, or just use it as a rhythmic, relaxation therapy method, make sure you use our plastic gold pan and join the gold rush movement!

  • Made of heavy duty high impact plastic
  • Perfect for hobby or professional use
  • Get out there and strike it rich!
  • Color: Black
  • 10.25" L x 10.25" W x 2.25" H

    *Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process