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Scent Killer® Spray Super Charged

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With Hunt Dry® Technology, for Hunting Outerwear and Boot Bottoms.
Now 99% 10 Days After Drying!*

  • Attacks a wide range of odors - most importantly - Human Odor
  • Special Odorless Formula™
  • Fights odors at the molecular level.
  • Keeps working, even after drying.
  • Heavy application works for days.
  • High Output Sprayers - will even spray upside down! 

* 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor – 10 Days After Drying -
in testing at Rutgers University.


Smash Human Odor® with Super Charged® Scent Killer® 99%

Be sure to use genuine Scent Killer® brand scent elimination products – Look for the Red Caps!


Works great on Backpacks, knapsacks, dry bags, duffle bags, and other all purpose sport bags too!