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PZ Fly Line Cleaner

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Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Dressing is above all things regarding fly lines, leaders, & monofilament the most important product protection and restoring agent every fisherman in the world should have in their fishing arsenal.

Grease Line Fly Fishing is the primary fishing style when going after Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. A Fly-Line dressed with PZ® Fly-Line Dressing including the leader, will perform perfectly - allowing the fly fisherman control and the uncanny ability to cast farther with less effort. PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Conditioner will even float a completely worthless fly line which coating is cracked and brittle as long as it is dressed before the core is allowed to get wet again. PZ® will not repair the cracks in a fly line but it will make it reusable for a limited time or until a new fly line is obtained.

Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Dressing is used by world distance casting champions.