Pro Sportfisher

Pro Shrimp Shell Gen2

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The Pro Sportfisher Shrimpshells of the second generation are made of soft and elastic vinyl. This extremely durable material provides your flies with a very impressive, realistic appearance that will easily convince critics above and below the surface. But not just the material itself is impressive – the printed patterns and eyes are very durable and they will bring your flies to life. Further, these pre-cut foils make tying modern shrimp patterns much simpler, because you don’t need to tie in eyes separately. And the application is really easy: simply tie in the shell last and catch it with a ribbing thread to from a nice segmentation – ready to go!

In short: By using Pro Sportfisher Shrimpshells your shrimps will easily reach the next level!


  • Outstanding shellbacks for tying superb shrimp flies – whether for the Baltic coast or salty flats!
  • Very durable vinyl material for long-lasting flies
  • Durable and realistic eye and pattern prints


Large contains 9 pieces

Medium contains 11 pieces