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Pautzke Balls O’ Fire Salmon Eggs – Chartreuse Garlic

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Tough, flashy, juicy and cooked to perfection, Chartreuse Garlic is the boldest salmon egg in the world famous Balls ‘o Fire line – up and our hottest new egg. Pautzke’s exclusive, industry leading chartreuse egg, is the only salmon egg on the market that makes an impression this strong. Sturdy, vibrant and UV enhanced this overpowering egg draws trout and steelhead in from great distances. Chartreuse Garlic is a combination of our popular Premium Balls ‘O Fire egg and is packed with a powerful garlic scent. The chartreuse is a used as a visual stimulant, whereas the garlic smell draws trout in for a closer look. Combine those with our trademarked juices already crammed inside the egg and strikes can come instantly. Chartreuse Garlic is dynamic enough to be used in clear water conditions and also in stained water where it stands out. However, they can be fished in any body of water on treble or single salmon egg hooks. While most anglers drift them solo, successful steelhead anglers have been known to tie them in sacks in conjunction with other Pautzke color combinations including Yellow Jackets, Natural Deluxe and Orange Deluxe.