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Mono Guard Tungsten Jig Head

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The Keitech Tungsten Mono Guard Jig Head provides the ultimate finesse option. Keitech's no-lead, tungsten powder/polymer compound limits the environmental impact, while providing a technical advantage. The Mono Guard Jig Head offers a round tungsten head and a single fiber weed guard backed with a #2 Katsuichi hook. The Katsuichi hook provides a specific bend that enhances the hook's strength, resulting in solid hook-ups.

Keitech Mono Guard Jig Head Features:
  • Tungsten compound head 30% smaller & harder than lead
  • 1(Mono) fiber strand weed guard
  • #1 or #2 Katsuichi hook
  • Available in 1/16 oz. & 3/32 oz. sizes

  • Tungsten compound head is much harder than lead and provides superior feel.
  • Hand glued 1(mono) fiber weedguard.
  • The Katsuichi custom hook has a specific bend which increases its strength significantly