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Jungle Cock G3

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The market’s most realistic artificial jungle cook. We spent a long time perfecting the design and the manufacturing process to give you the best available. Made in all sizes to fit any fly and offer superior durability.


We’re not afraid to say it - the Junglecock GEN3 is the most realistic and true-to-nature artificial junglecock available on the market. The design is based on a scan of a real junglecock feather and is printed on black material.

Each junglecock is cut out individually in the manufacturing process, so all you need to do is free them from the sheet with a quick snip from the scissors. The Pro Sportfisher GEN3 Junglecock ensures perfect symmetry on both sides of the fly, and the junglecock can even be shaped to fit the fly by gently pulling them across the back of the scissors or a needle.

The material the GEN3 Junglecock is printed on makes them extremely durable and very easy to tie into the exact length you desire. Available in sizes to fit any fly.


  • Small - 3.5x20mm - 36pcs
  • Medium - 2x23m - 32pcs
  • Large - 5x29 - 24pcs
  • Extra Large - 5x29 - 24pcs