i.D Fly Fishing Reel

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The i.D fly reel allows you to express your unique style while out on the water. It features a flat back surface that accepts custom decals representing anything from your home state to your favorite fish species, and the decals are simple to remove, stack, or swap to update your reel’s look over time. There is no better product to define your identity as an angler. The i.D features sturdy cast aluminum construction, a smooth rulon disc drag, and a large arbor for speedy line retrieve. Stand out from the crowds and mix it up with the i.D reel.

  • Sturdy die-cast construction with full-frame back
  • Full-frame back design allows easy personalization with decal application
  • Large arbor design for speedy line retrieve and tippet protection
  • Smooth and strong rulon disc drag
  • Soft-touch, twin-molded dual density handle offers supreme grip and control
  • Pre-spooled version available with RIO Mainstream® fly line
  • Lifetime warranty
Model Reel Color Weight Capacity SKU
I.D 3/4 Reel Black 5.7oz 75yds/20lb 5-5510R34
I.D 3/4 Reel O.D Green 5.7oz 75yds/20lb 5-5510R3402
I.D 5/6 Reel Black 6oz 100yds/20lb 5-5510R56
I.D 5/6 Reel O.D Green 6oz 100yds/20lb 5-5510R5602
I.D 5/6 Reel Pre-Spooled Black 6oz 100yds/20lb 5-5510R56PS
I.D 5/6 Reel Pre-Spooled O.D Green 6.7oz 200yds/20lb 5-5510R7802
I.D 7/8/9 Reel Pre-Spooled Black 6.7oz 200yds/20lb 5-5510R789
I.D 7/8/9 Reel Pre-Spooled Black 6.7oz 200yds/20lb 5-5510R789PS