Fusion19™ Bucktail Jigs

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Designed to pair perfectly with Berkley Gulp! , the Fusion19 Bucktail jig features quality components that are ideal for fishing with your favorite soft plastic. The sharp, corrosion resistant Fusion19™ hook penetrates the hardest mouths and stays sharp. A double line tie provides the versatility for jigging techniques or cast and retrieve techniques with one bucktail!
  • Double line tie for multiple presentations
  • Equipped with a sharp Fusion19 hook
  • Bait keeper for your favorite Gulp!  plastics
  • Quality thread wraps keeps the bucktail material secure


1/4oz - 2/0 Hook

1/2oz - 4/0 Hook 

1oz - 6/0 Hook

1 1/2oz - 7/0 Hook

2oz - 7/0 Hook

6oz - 10/0 Hook