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Frequency Magnum Line

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The Frequency Magnum summed up in six words: big flies, big fish, small price. Designed with an aggressive weight-forward head, the Magnum fly line is built for tossing large flies, turning over split shot, and blasting through the wind. In other words, this line is a bit of a bully—which is great if you’re targeting bass, big trout, and light saltwater game. It’s nice to have some muscle on your side.

  • Turns over large dries, streamers, and split shot with ease
  • For use in both fresh- and saltwater environments
  • Overweighted design loads fast-action rods
  • Braided multifilament core

Species: Carp, Grayling, Panfish, Bass, Pike, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout
Water Type: Freshwater


Item Number Line Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight*
117203 WF-5-F 35.0’ / 10,7m 85.0’ / 25,9m 150gr / 9,7g
117210 WF-6-F 37.0’ / 11,3m 85.0’ / 25,9m 175gr / 11,3g
117227 WF-7-F 39.0’ / 11,9m 85.0’ / 25,9m 200gr / 13,0g
117234 WF-8-F 41.0’ / 12,5m 85.0’ / 25,9m 225gr / 14,6g
123860 WF-9-F 43.0’ / 13,1m 85.0’ / 25,9m 260gr / 16,9g