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Flash Spinner

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Laser holographic blade and body finish creates “flash” with this torpedo designed to go deep. 30 degree deep depth blade runs 5 feet. The 30 degree blade rotates easily but doesn't give as much lift as other blade types, so your bait stays down in front of the fish. On the fall, the blade flutters down quickly. The flashabou fibers in the dressed tail give added attraction.


  • Diecast and chrome plated mainbody
  • Painted, laser holographic finishes
  • 3D eye
  • Brass stamped blade
  • Chrome plated with laser holographic, painted patterns
  • VMC® Hook is extremely sharp and strong to resist opening
  • Stainless Steel shaft
  • Dressed tail, mixed with flashing fibers


Model Number Blade Size Weight

BFFS1 1 1/8 oz.
BFFS2 2 3/16 oz.