Hydros®SL II Fly Reel

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Building on the success of the Hydros Series reels, the Orvis Company has created a beefed-up line for saltwater anglers targeting trophies. The Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reels feature a "super-large" arbor that consistently yields much quicker retrieve rates, resulting in up to 12% increase in line recovery per cast. That makes a significant difference when casting large baits and battling big, powerful fish! To complement that, Orvis has installed a drag system that's nearly 3 times stronger, with zero start-up inertia. Completely sealed, the drag incorporates its own clutch bearing inside to ensure immediate engagement on the hookset. With a narrow spool for less line stacking, increased backing capacity, and extra-close tolerances for total-system smoothness, the Hydros SL reels are truly built for bear.

  • 3/5 weight
  • "Super-large" arbor for quicker retrieves
  • Up to 12% increase in line retrieval
  • 3X stronger drag with zero start-up inertia
  • Sealed drag with dedicated clutch bearing
  • Narrow spool for less line stacking
  • Increased backing capacity
  • Extra-close tolerances for smooth operation

        Line not included