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Al's Goldfish 1/2 oz. 2.75"

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For over 67 years the Goldfish has been catching virtually all freshwater fish. That's why Field and Stream named it one of the 50 Greatest all time and 10 Best trout lures all time. Made with marine grade brass and top shelf components.


Great for bigger gamefish, such as walleye, bass and trout species, and salmon. The Goldfish can be cast, jigged or trolled. When casting, allow the lure to drop to desired depth (1 second of time is roughly 1 foot). Retrieve at a slow, steady pace; periodically add a twitch or a pause to mimic a dying minnow. Direct tie on or add a split ring or clip when casting or slow trolling as a swivel will reduce the wobble action for which the Goldfish is famous.