Complete 7 Piece Rifle Cleaning Kit - .41/.44/.45 Caliber

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  • At Outers we are constantly improving the way we help shooters maintain their firearms.
  • Outers Gun Oil Rust Preventative to ensure smooth operation and corrosion protection
  • Outers Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner to deep clean chambers, bores and gun parts
  • Easy-to-assemble aluminum rod with rotating handle for thorough bore cleaning
  • A selection of tips, brushes and/or mops matched to each specific kit
  • A variety of patches in the right caliber or gauge sizes for precise fitting

Complete 7-Piece Kit for Total Gun Care Includes

  • Lightweight cleaning rod
  • Phosphor bronze bore brush
  • Slotted patch loop
  • Nitro solvent gun cleaner
  • Gun oil