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Ceramic Knife Sharpener

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Sharpest knives you have ever had with the alumina ceramic

Grinds shaving sharp edges on any knife Anyone can become a real knife expert in 5 minutes for life by reading instructions on reverse.
Represents 20 years of experience Latest from cutlery experts around the world

FOR ALL KNIVES: Household knives, butcher knives, hunting and pocket knives.

SHARPENS QUICKLY razor sharp edges. Like on brand new knives. Make your knives so sharp they will cut see-through thin slices. This sharpener will MAINTAIN the finest and sharpest edge forever

WORKS LIKE MAGIC You can see the silvery marks (ground oft steel) on the white sharpening rod. You can HEAR it grind. You can FEEL it sharpen a superfine edge that passes the ultimate test of slicing paper in shreds in one clean sweep.

MUCH BETTER than the old fashioned steels. If the knife still has a good edge, a steel can straighten out the existing edge and thus make the knife sharper. However, once the old fine edge is worn off, the steel will be of of no use. Steels will not re-grind a new edge of maintain the BEVEL which is the secret of a sharp knife.

SERRATED EDGES Sharpens serrated edges and electric knife Blades

GOOD KNIVES are only as good as the edge YOU can put on it. Even the most expensive knife will perform only like a cheap knife unless you can maintain the factory-like edge. This is easy with the BELL SHARPENER. Just take 5 minutes to read the instructions and you can maintain razor sharp edges with a few strokes for as long as you live. Applies to household, butcher, pocket and hunting knives.

THE REAL SECRET of a sharp knife is to keep the BEVELS intact. In other words, MAINTAIN the same bevels as you find on all good new knives.

NEVER WEARS Cleans with ordinary household cleaners like Ajax and others

CARBON OR STAINLESS steel knives, the BELL KNIFE SHARPENER sharpens them all equally well. All knife blades which do not rust or stain contain about 15% chrome and are stainless. The better non-rusting and non-staining knife blades also MOLYBDENUM and contain VANADIUM which makes them as good as the old fashioned knives that rust and stain. As you may recall from the TV commercials of the Canadian natural resource companies, MOLYBDENUM are is shipped in big red drums all over the world for making the finest steels available today.