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Bingo Bug

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The Bingo Bug is a unique hybrid lure that is handmade in Canada, using premium components, in order to deliver to you the absolute best fishing experience. It’s designed with our exclusive Trimaxx Technology (visual attraction, erratic vibrations, and darting action) allowing you to achieve un-paralleled results, whether you’re trolling, casting or fly fishing!

If you’re targeting virtually any freshwater fish including, Trout, Walleye, Kokanee, Perch, Panfish, Crappy, Sunfish, Salmon, Bass, Steelhead, Lakers & Pike, tie one on and find out what a Bingo Bug can do for you.


Each Bingo Bug is carefully handcrafted in British Columbia and showcases hand-trimmed feathers that protrude like tiny wings. This unique lure produces life-like underwater action, enabling anglers to troll, spin-cast or fly fish with amazing results. We use Mustad and Eagle Claw hooks and our patterned lures have UV coatings, which allow fish to see them even in dark and murky conditions. And, because they feature our amazing Trimaxx Technology, fish of all sizes love to devour them in lakes, streams and rivers!

AMAZING ACTION  Designed to create a unique erratic action that sends distress signals to the fish causing aggressive reaction strikes. Our Trimaxx Technology is a 3-Stage system of vibrations that trigger feeding, bright graphics for visual attraction and erratic movements to create random direction changes that have been designed into all of our lures with the ultimate goal of putting more fish on your line!

PREMIUM QUALITY  Our U.V. coating is perfect for low light fishing conditions and we offer color patterns that range from ultra-realistic to high contrast colors that fish zone in on

SET HOOKS  The set hook design allows the lure to run true with no tuning required - hooks are always in the optimal position for maximum fish hook-ups

HYBRID LURE  A unique handmade lure that is perfect for trolling, spin casting and fly fishing for all freshwater predatory fish from warm water to cold water lakes and rivers. Revolutionary design and shape provides a dynamic, erratic action that attracts fish, even when they aren’t hungry. Trolling or casting these lures maximizes their effectiveness.

OUTFISH YOUR COMPETITION  On the hunt for that perfect bait to help you attract the biggest and the most fish to your line? Look no further. Our handmade in Canada lures are the ideal bait for almost every freshwater fish species that you could target.

We also care greatly about our environment and natural resources, so our Bingo Bugs are BPA-free and lead-free!