Battle Beetle

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Armed for a fight, Lunkerhunt’s Battle Beetle targets fish like a homing missile. A slow retrieve will make this compact, single-jointed lure plod across the surface with a wide wobble, displacing water to attract attention. Increase your retrieval speed to tighten up its shimmy, forcing the beetle to dip just below the water surface where feathered treble hooks create additional temptation.

The Battle Beetle’s uniquely jointed body features a realistic side-to-side motion that produces an authentic beetle-like clacking fish can’t resist. All you need to do is count down to detonation, because fish will blow up the water surface attacking this lure.

  • Length: 2.25in
  • Weight: 5/8oz
  • Diving Depth: 1.5ft
  • Jointed Wiggle Action
  • Side-to-side Rattle
  • Feathered Treble Hooks
  • Floating