Bait Shifter Shrimp Kit

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The Bait Shifter Series by Lunkerhunt makes rigging baits fast and easy, while offering a natural presentation that fish can’t resist. 

Featuring a unique chamber running through them, Lunkerhunt’s Bait Shifters are designed to allow Bait Shifter jig heads to slide on and off quickly and effortlessly. No more worrying about threading baits straight or tearing them up in the process!

The entire Bait Shifters line is available in natural feeding patterns that mimic some of the most common and popular freshwater and saltwater gamefish forage, as well as reaction patterns that drive fish wild.

The Bait Shifter Shrimp is the perfect saltwater companion, easily rigged with a lighter 1/8oz Bait Shifter Jig to make it look like a shrimp fleeing danger.