Sync II Multi-Tool & Belt Buckle

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A multi-tool is useless if you don't have it on hand when you need it. SOG's new Syncs are multi-tools designed with a detachable base to be easily worn as a belt buckle or simply add the clip to the back and clip to a pack strap or boot. (Remove the clip to wear it as a belt buckle.) Anywhere you go, your multi-tool is there with you. It can be conveniently detached from the base with one hand, but stays locked during active movement. Releases only when you need it. Sync I fits belts up to 1-3⁄8". Sync II fits 1-3⁄4" belts . Each is equipped with a selection of frequently used tools. 
It measures 2" x 3-1⁄4" in place as a buckle. Tool weighs 5.7 oz. and 9.5 oz as a belt buckle. 
  1.  2” drop point blade of 420 stainless at 57-59 Rc.
  2. Pliers
  3. Crimpers
  4. Soft wire cutter
  5. Scissors
  6. 3-sided file
  7. Med flat screwdriver
  8. Small flat screwdriver
  9. Phillips screwdriver
  10. Ruler
  11. Bottle opener