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Special Forces Bear Berry Blast Block

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Bears simply cannot resist the sweet temptation of wild berries in Black Ops® Wild Berry Blast Block! Ani-Logics Outdoors® is excited to bring hunters the sweet goodness of ripe berries in a revolutionary and effective new bear block attraction strategy. Now you can put the power of Black Ops® Special Forces™ Berry Blast Block to work for you attracting bears with the irresistible smell and flavor of luscious wild berries. This convenient 20lb block is ready-to-use, just unwrap and drop it anywhere you want to attract more bears. When hunters deploy the sweet wild berry block, it signals bears with intense and focused long-range attraction, bringing bears into the zone of action. Strategically use Black Ops® Special Forces™ Berry Blast Block as your secret weapon to attract and takedown bears. Use solo or pair with other Black Ops® Special Forces™ products as the ultimate bear bait attraction that goes under the radar. Implementing the most up-to-date technology in the hunting industry, Black Ops® Special Forces™ becomes your killer combination for harvesting big bears.

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