Nuckle Ball® Jitt-R Jig

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The Nuckle Ball Jig is superior over other jig designs and is the industry’s most advanced jig design, compatible with any presentation.

By design, the eyelet is strategically placed at the jig’s balance point. The revolutionary “Head-under” design allows for a 100% open hook gap for awesome hook-sets.

It stands up relentlessly on the bottom to minimize snags & keeps the bait upright for a natural presentation. The jig hangs horizontal when suspended or on a swimming retrieve, along with a great “teeter-totter” action when vertical jigging.

The Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jig combines the Nuckle Ball Jig with a highly reflective blade and features super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook. Unbelievable flash/vibration action draws fish in from a wide radius to provoke vicious reaction strikes. The balanced, stand-up head design minimizes hang-ups, perfect for bottom dragging. Multiple rigging options including weedless rigging with soft plastics, and live bait. The Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jig provides irresistible swimming action at any retrieval speed, but the slower you fish it the better.