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Lead Tipped Muzzleloader Bullet .50

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Product Overview

The Federal Premium® Lead Muzzleloader Bullet's exclusive B.O.R. Lock MZ® System redefines in-line muzzleloader performance. It provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot design that's easy to load, scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating. The hard-hitting lead bullet penetrates deep.

  • B.O.R. Lock MZ® System: Expanding polymer base cup engages rifling and seals the bore for extraordinary velocity and accuracy
  • Required loading force averages about half that of most sabots
  • Fouling-cutting ring scours powder residue from the breech as the bullet is loaded, resulting in consistent seating and reducing the need to clean between shots
  • Tough, hard-hitting lead bullet with a polymer tip



Caliber .50
Bullet Weight 350
Bullet Style Lead Tipped Muzzleloader
Ballistic Coefficient .209
Package Quantity 15
Usage Medium Game