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Introducing Fire Stix®: an outstanding, never seen before innovation that combines the burning power
of an efficient fire starter and the convenience and reliability of a weatherproof strike match, for a
crackling fire in one easy step, every time.
Made entirely of 100% recycled thermo-plastic (PMMA), a non-toxic, completely safe and eco-friendly
material that emits less C02 than a piece of wood of the same size, Fire Stix® is a hassle-free product that poses absolutely no issues for transport and storage, since it does not belong in the hazardous goods category.
Always looking for quality products that benefit the environment, it is also worth noting that the manufacturer of Fire Stix® is deeply involved in renewable energy, efficiency and ecology, which also makes Fire Stix® a green recycled product.
The cutting-edge technology behind Fire Stix® has allowed us to create a unique material that is completely safe and harmless yet offers amazing burning power, lasting as long as 5 minutes once ignited in one strike, just like a regular match.
The strike-to-ignite head of the stick is covered with a safe substance, normally used for safety matches, so the product remains safe, non-toxic, not highly flammable and does not require any kind
of special transportation or storage. Several product tests have been done to verify this and a DIN
norm for the stick and all certificates for self-ignition head substances have been obtained from a
reputable laboratory and factory.