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EZ Doe Bleat Plus Deer Call

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Developed after the close study of baby fawns in distress, the EZ Doe Bleat Plus is an all-season call that appeals to the natural protective instincts of parent animals as well as curious bucks. Achieve excellent volume and unmatched call control as you reproduce lifelike vocalizations from doe contact grunts to fawn bleats using minimum air pressure. Hot tip: The EZ Doe Bleat Plus is most effective when used sparingly during the late pre-rut to post-rut, calling softly to start.
Mimic the sounds of a young fawn’s cries of distress and bring both does and bucks in close with this convincing bleat call.

• Exploits the parental instincts of does and the curiosity of bucks, bringing them in close as they respond to the sounds of a crying fawn
• Creates highly realistic doe vocalizations with minimum air pressure while delivering excellent volume and unbelievable call control
• Threadlock barrel design and shortened endpiece for ease of disassembly
• Reed locks into place, allowing for “factory condition” reassembly