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"Eye Knife Grenade" Survival Kit

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The Survival Grenade is an incredible lightweight survival gadget that can fit into the palm of your hand. Clamp it to your belt loop with the carabiner, put it in your pocket, or stuff it in your bug out bag.

You won't notice the weight. Toting around an entire fishing kit every time you go hiking is more effort than it's worth, and that's why people love this tool.


This Survival Kit Includes:

Fishing Line - Enough line for a makeshift fishing pole.

Fishing Hooks - A set of hooks that can be tied to the swivels.

Swivels - Tie two or more hooks to your line using the swivels.

Sinkers - Get that worm or grasshopper to sink.

Floaters - Watch those floaters, your meal is on its way.

Fire Rod - Magnesium rod can be struck with eye knife to create a spark.

Cotton Tinder - Scrape some of your fire rod into the cotton tinder for a quick flame.

Eye Knife - Use the knife to cut fishing line, gut your fish, or strike the fire rod to make a spark.

Paracord - 9 Feet of durable paracord. This cord has been stress tested at 350 pounds.

Carabiner - Hang your fish, wet clothes, or attach it to your water filter. Now I'm not saying this should replace your fishing gear, because I wouldn't do that either - but when SHTF and you don't have your tackle box and pole with you, this little sucker will help you catch, gut, and cook your food. And that's not bad for something that fits into the palm of your hand.