Death Chamber Deer Call

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Get the upper hand with this unique grunt call that uses variable pitch to effectively simulate the sounds of mature bucks or baby fawns with the shift of a lever.
When you’re in pursuit of the biggest buck of your life, you need every advantage. The Death Chamber gives you the unmatched ability to mimic all kinds of deer in all kinds of situations using a simple lever that varies pitch. Instantly switch from fawn to doe to buck, or go from docile to downright mean and aggressive using a special snort-wheeze chamber. The ultimate all-purpose, all-season, all-in-one deer call for serious trophy rack addicts.

• Variable-pitch call reproduces all common deer vocalizations to suit any situation imaginable
• Simply shift the lever and transition instantly from fawn to doe to buck
• Snort-wheeze chamber lets you sound like the meanest, maddest buck on the property
• Achieve realistic tones and customize multiple deer sounds with ease