Chest Pack

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An excellent product for both spinning enthusiasts, fly fishermen and floaters who cultivate the river flow while walking. Very durable material was used to make the vest, the layout of pockets and all accessories have been optimized for comfort and functionality.

Orange-graphite color. 11 pockets, including 5 mesh pockets, a pocket with a detachable bait flap with protection against sharp hooks, a half-open pocket, a hard case for polarized glasses. In addition, the backpack part includes: 2 strap straps with buckles and the possibility of adjustment, e.g. for attaching a tripod to the camera, a raincoat, a short protective tube with a fishing rod, a clip for attaching a landing net to the neck and a semi-circular clip above the glasses case, a metal clip on the protector. The large compartment of the backpack and 2 front pockets have 3 ventilation holes in the bottom part, perfectly draining moisture from the accessories stored there. All sides of the backpack are lined with a soft sponge to protect the accessories being carried. The shoulder straps are wide, with reinforced seams and lined with a transmission mesh. The length of the harness can be adjusted in two steps, also the hip straps can be adjusted, thanks to which the vest can be easily adjusted to any figure of the angler, including summer and winter clothes.

Dimensions (L / H): 30 x 45 cm. Weight: 825 g.