Heatwave Technology

Bone Dry - Add Your Own Attractant

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Leverage the proven benefits of HEATWAVE® Technology with your favorite attractant – producing an intoxicating aroma Big Bucks can’t resist.

Dispenses any water-based scent any time of the year. Increase your effective hunting area by using the wind to your advantage. Pull’em out of heavy cover and harvest bigger bucks.

The HEATWAVE® Magnet is air activated and begins to warm immediately upon opening the bag – continuously releasing the body temperature and real scent profile of your choosing for up to 9 hours – rain, snow, sleet, or shine.


Replicate Nature’s Safety Signal – For Up to 9 Hours
Deer trust and rely on the aroma of a fresh excretion for survival as deer will only urinate when they have determined an area to be safe and secure.