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3D Swim Squid Loose Body

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Made of soft, durable PVC, this anatomically accurate bait is made for motion with pulsing side fins and naturally waving tentacles. Add to this a pungent squid scent and this bait will attract plenty of attention from amberjack, cobia, tuna, dolphin, king mackerel, grouper, snapper, tilefish, flounder and many more.

It’s one of the sea’s most common forage species, with a highly recognizable image that immediately appeals to a broad range of predators. We’re talking squid here; and thanks to the precision 3D scanning process Savage Gear uses to create the new 3D LB Swim Squid, it may be difficult to distinguish the real deal from the impostor.

• Based on Squid 3D Scan
• Life-Like Details and Swimming Action
• Soft and Durable PVC Construction
• Multitude of Rigging Options
• High-Quality Hand Painted Finish
• Superglow and UV